Notice to Teachers at the Start of 2021 Classes





Notice to Teachers at the Start of 2021 Classes

April 8, 2021


Dear teaching staff,


Notice to Teachers at the Start of 2021 Classes


   We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued efforts in our educational mission. We would also like to thank the teachers who are joining our faculty from this year.

   The year of 2020, which was greatly affected by the new coronavirus infection, is over and the new school year is about to begin. Coronavirus is not showing any signs of abating yet, but as I have repeatedly mentioned, the university's class policy for 2021 is primarily based on offering face-to-face classes. Of course, we intend to offer our classes taking all possible measures for infection prevention, and we understand that it may cause some inconvenience to the teachers. In this effort, we sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation. So, at the beginning of this new school year, I would once again like to ask you, the teachers in charge of this year's classes, for your forbearance. Please take time to carefully read and confirm your understanding of the following points, and we look forward to your continued support and contributions to our students’ academic success.



University Policy Decisions Related to Coronavirus


(1) About this year's class implementation

In FY2021, in consideration of educational effects, classes will be conducted face-to-face, except for those classes that the University has decided in advance to conduct as online classes. It is possible that the policy may have to be changed depending on the infection situation in the future. In that case, we will inform all teachers and students of decisions made regarding changes in the conduct of classes. Please refrain from changing to online classes as a matter of individual discretion. Students decide to enroll because they are offered face-to-face classes, and that is the type of instruction they expect to receive. Additionally, random mixing of online lessons with face-to-face lessons will cause confusion and disruption in our delivery of educational services, so please refrain from making such changes without prior discussion with and express permission from the university.


(2) Prevention of infection in the classroom


Consistent wearing of masks during class

In preparation for the start of the FY2021 classes, we contacted the students on March 19th and told them to, “Be sure to wear a mask during class.” As an example to students, please make sure to wear a mask during the lesson, and of course make sure that mask wearing doesn’t interfere with the lesson implementation, taking care to speak slowly and and enunciate more carefully than would normally be the case in situations that don’t require masks. Please feel free to encourage your students to do the same. If it is unavoidable to remove the mask during class due to practical considerations, etc., please contact the Academic Affairs Division to discuss this necessity in advance.


Coping with students who need special consideration

If the university recognizes the need for special consideration due to health concerns, etc. at the request of a student, the university may then request consideration from the teachers in each class attended by the student. In that case, students who wish to be granted special consideration are instructed not to ask the teacher directly, but to always apply to the Academic Affairs Division. Teachers whose students are recognized by the University as needing such consideration will be notified individually by the Academic Affairs Division. In that case, please take recommended actions.


(3) About webcams in the classroom

During this spring break, we installed recording webcams in 68 lecture classrooms. For the time being, we are considering the following rationale for utilization.


Utilization in classes that exceed the capacity of the classroom

In arranging the classrooms for this year's classes, we have limited the number of people in the classrooms based on the guideline of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which is “30 square meters of air per hour per person.”  While installing a large system of air purifiers (about 60 units) to remove viruses in the air, we will only accept classes with a ventilation-based capacity, which is much more limited than the normal capacity. After completing the course registration, if the number of people in a classroom exceeds the initially expected capacity, we plan to cope with the overflow by making the lesson available outside the classroom using this recording webcam. Regarding this, we will consult with the relevant teachers individually.


Utilization for students who need special consideration to attend classes

As described in (2) above, for students who need special consideration, the university may ask the teachers to take measures such as developing separate assignments. In addition, as an alternative to face-to-face tasks, lessons recorded using a video camera installed in the classroom can be used for simultaneous distribution or later viewing. In the future, we will have more detailed information about how to use lessons recorded on a webcam.



As we are rolling out the implementation of this system, please cooperate in its development and utilization. As mentioned above, as we enter the new school year, we’re asking the teachers in charge of the lessons to confirm their understanding of policies and measures taken. Even in the case of coronavirus, the university aims to improve the educational experience and overall satisfaction of students based on an approach that offers face-to-face lessons. The University-wide Education Promotion Center and the Academic Affairs Division will also do their utmost to support the lessons of the faculty. We ask for your understanding and cooperation so that we can continue to hold classes smoothly this year.


President Kiyoshi Kawakubo