All lecturers of the first term





All lecturers of the first term

May 7, 2020

Dear Sir, Madam,

All lecturers of the first term,


This is a notice on tele-teaching from June. All the classes are to be operated by on-line system except those which need laboratory work, practical training and skill practice with facility and equipment in the campus. We would appreciate further  understanding and cooperation due to the current situation over covid-19.


1 Tele-teaching operation

①  General information

We have recommended on-demand system rather than bidirectional communication system considering that some students might not be ready and not equipped with proper IT environment for the system for the first four classes in May. So, the lecturer has to get approval of all the students in class in advance in May.


From June we still recommend on-demand system. But we have introduced a support system to provide proper IT environment in order to enable the lecturer to operate bidirectional communication system as well. With this support, the lecturer   only needs to indicate it in “Class Profile” on kyonet. However, we have to prepare for the alternative solution as internet connection happen to cut halfway during the class.


② Procedure for on-demand system

Please access web site as the following.



kyonet manual, example of the class, PDF materials,

Frequently asked Questions, where to enquire etc.

If you use web-meeting system as bidirectional communication, please consult the following link.


 Link: notes for using web-meeting system as bidirectional communication


2 Class management


 ① Revision of syllabus

If on-demand system requires any revision to your original syllabus during the first term, please instruct it to the students

including the teaching procedure, content of lesson and way of evaluation. The educational affaires section will release the information subsequently but in case you need immediate assistance please contact the section.


② Attendance registry

The educational affairs section has already recorded as “Present” for all students as far as four classes in May. If you have any absence in your actual on-line class, please revise the recoded registry. From June you are requested to register it on your own accordingly.

Link: Attendance management


③ Teaching Method

Using any on-line system provided by academic resources through kyonet, you are requested to manage class to achieve  efficient learning effect for all students and also support individuals attentively in the learning activity. Frequent  feedback after class such as correcting papers and accepting questions should be indispensable.


④ Cancellation of class

Without indication of contents of class, the class is meant to be cancelled. If you cancel a class, you need to register it in advance and provide the supplementary lesson. according to the prescribed procedure. Regarding the supplementary classes, all classes are to be held on on-line system except those classes which need laboratory work, practical training and skill practice.


※Application for cancellation of class

1) Putting up a notice to “registry of notice ” in Class Profile

2) Choose “application of cancellation of class”

3) Indicate the duration of registering notice 

4) Using a template of register which is on the righthand  of “ contents” Choose a template of “application of cancellation of class” 

5) Date of cancellation, date of supplementary lesson, cause of the cancellation, teaching procedure


⑤ Academic results

You are requested to submit academic records at the end of the term or in the end of the school year by evaluating the academic performance and assessing essay or tests.


⑥ The laboratory research class which needs facility and equipment in the campus:

After the lift of State Emergency Declaration, we will resume the interactive class system for the laboratory work, practical training and skill practice. We take utmost care for the measures against the risk of infection such as alcohol- based hand sterilization and wearing masks as the interactive classhas three main factors of infection: Confined space, Crowded place and Close contact.