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Faculty of International Studies

Faculty of International Studies

Introduction to the Faculty of International Studies

The Faculty of International Studies (Kokusai Gakubu) at Kyoritsu Women's University specializes in international social studies and international cultural studies, and also emphasizes foreign language communication skills.

A new ‘Thematic Program’(専攻プログラム / Senko program) was introduced in April 2013. A variety of phenomena in this rapidly changing and increasingly complex, globalized world cannot be fully understood through established fields of study, which are subject to traditional disciplinary specialization. The Thematic Program creates comprehensive academic fields of study, while offering trans-disciplinary learning opportunities. Thus the Thematic Program is not the same as a list of majors or academic specialty areas. It is, rather, a systematic approach to a liberal arts education through a range of focus areas within the fields of international social and cultural studies.

The new program encourages students to structure their studies according to specific guidelines. There are seventeen focus areas included in the Thematic Program and these are listed below. Students choose which focus areas or ‘themes’ they want to pursue (three at the end of the first year/ one or two at the end of the second year) and develop their studies accordingly. In this way, their work becomes progressively more specialized.

Throughout her four years at Kyoritsu, each student works closely with an academic advisor in her seminar classes. In consultation with her advisor, the student works to structure a course of study under the Thematic Program, which reflects and develops her own interests and her plans for the future. Ultimately, in her fourth year, the student completes her graduation research project which demonstrates the results of all her studies at university, before commencing her life in a wider world.

Thematic Program Focus Areas

§ The Structure of the World

In these focus areas, you will study international political systems,
international economic systems, international legal systems, global issues etc.

  1. International relations
  2. International law
  3. International economics
  4. International cooperation and international public policy

§ New Ways of Comprehending the World

By viewing the world from different academic perspectives, you will come to understand issues in a variety of ways. In these focus areas, you will study new ways to consider social and cultural issues.

  1. Globalization
  2. Migration and Minority groups
  3. Gender
  4. International Communication
  5. Comparative Culture
  6. Representation and Culture
  7. Urbanization and Community

§ Area Studies

In these focus areas, you will study the societies and cultures of Asia,
Europe and America through their histories, ideas/religions, politics, economics etc.

  1. Asian Studies
  2. European Studies
  3. American Studies

§ Societies / Cultures and Language

In these focus areas, you will study the social and cultural zones established by a particular language from their historical perspectives to modern aspects

  1. Societies / Cultures Related through the Chinese Language
  2. Societies / Cultures Related through the English Language
  3. Societies / Cultures Related through the French Language