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Department of Textile and Clothing

Department of Textile and Clothing

Apparel Science Course

This course aims to train students to work in the apparel fashion business. Students systematically study basic textile science and the organization of the business, and develop managerial knowledge and skills.

Historical Textile Course

Students study tradition and technology in dyeing and weaving, and also textile conservation science. Students graduated from this course could become museum professionals or specialists at inspection laboratories in the field of apparel production.

Fashion Creation Course

Students learn about fashion creation from the basics to applications, as well as about the functionality and comfort of clothing, traditional techniques, and more. They also learn methodologies such as how to think about fashion design and how to propose products through practice. By acquiring a wide range of knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to think and plan, students will be capable of playing an active role in industries that require fashion creation.

Fashion Business Course

Students learn about the value chain in the fashion industry after acquiring specialized knowledge and skills related to clothing materials and management, clothing traditions and culture, fashion creation, and more. Research fields include cosmetics and accessories in addition to apparel, and students develop the ability to build a comprehensive fashion business through fieldwork.