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Faculty of Business Studies

Faculty of Business Studies

Cultivating women who excel by collaborating with others and demonstrating leadership in their own way

Acquiring the knowledge required in business fields broadly and in depth

Students can develop a wide range of skills that enable them to be active in the field of business (management, marketing, economics, and accounting), as well as in law, information, statistics, English, and more. The advantage of the Faculty of Business Studies is that it allows students to acquire comprehensive knowledge required for business.

Honing leadership and practical skills to become work-ready

In the first- and second-year leadership development subjects, students work as teams to address issues presented by companies and actually make proposals to the companies. In doing so, the faculty provides leadership programs for students to develop the ability to collaborate with others to achieve goals, as well as practical skills in which knowledge is put to use through application in real situations.

Cultivating information management skills to play an active role in the age of AI

In the age of AI, there is a need for creative and social intelligence skills that only humans are capable of developing. Such new work also requires the ability to appropriately collect, analyze, and utilize information. The Faculty of Business Studies cultivates information management skills that will allow students to play an active role in this age of AI.