KYORITSU WOMEN’S University and Junior College

We provide a Japanese language program for international students. We also offer tutoring by Japanese students to improve international students' conversational skills. Depending on Japanese language ability, students can enroll in liberal arts courses or specialized undergraduate courses.We also have student tutors to support international students in daily life in Tokyo, so they can enjoy their student life in Japan.We hope that many students will choose Kyoritsu Women's University as their study abroad destination.The Student Support Division supports international students on their journey to a fullling study abroad experience. We offer various programs for international students studying to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and customs. These programs offer the opportunity to experience the charms of Japan while deepening intercultural understanding through interactions with our university's students.We also uphold the philosophy of "Kyoritsu in Leadership." We hope all international students embrace this vision. By achieving their goals while collaborating with our students, we believe all international students can nd their unique leadership style within the ideals of Kyoritsu Leadership.We look forward to welcoming you to Kyoritsu Women's University! We are ready to support you as you build an exciting life as an international student in Japan.With intellectual and leadership skills developed through the pursuit of academic disciplines, we aim to cultivate individuals ready to take an active role in all parts of society. Like the back wheel of our bicycle, our academic expertise (a combination of practical learning and specialized knowledge and skills) propels us forward. Meanwhile, our leadership skills (collaborating and facilitating with others to achieve the task at hand) serve as the front wheel steering us in the right direction.Kiyoshi KawakuboPresidentYuichi Sato / Chair, International Exchange Committee Professor, Faculty of International StudiesYasuko Miyazawa / Senior Manager, Student Support DivisionOur university continues its founding spirit by aiming to cultivate women with leadership skills to pave their own way in society, supported by one’s talents and collaborative efforts. In our global world where diversity is highly valued, we believe learning about, understanding, and respecting different cultures are extremely important experiences for both international students and students of our university. We actively support many students from abroad to study at our university and are committed to sending our students to study at universities in other countries.We offer various support systems to help each international student lead a meaningful and rewarding study abroad experience. In each department, academic advisors and administrative staff are readily available to students and provide a supportive atmosphere for guidance. At the International Center, staff, student tutors and student volunteers are dedicated to supporting international students as well. Furthermore, we offer opportunities to make new friends and learn more through cultural events and intercultural exchange programs.We extend a hearty welcome to everyone from around the world. We are delighted to have you as a part of our community. Let's have a wonderful time growing together while sharing a transformative educational experience!In 1886, 34 leading academics, pioneers of women’s education in Japan at that time, established Kyoritsu Women’s Occupational Institute. After the founding of the Kyoritsu Women's Professional College in 1928, Kyoritsu Women's University, as we know it today, was established in 1949 with the Faculty of Home Economics. Since then, our university continues to ourish, now with six faculties offering four-year degrees, two departments offering two-year degrees, and four graduate schools.Forging ahead to a new global future, we continue to make history while staying true to our mission. Our well-respected educational offerings blended with the Kyoritsu Leadership spirit continue to empower women with the knowledge and skills to achieve their dreams in Japan and around the world.President's MessageMAJORIN ANYTHINGMINORIN LEADERSHIPHistory of Kyoritsu共立女子大学所蔵資料風俗画報 第193号 共立女子職業学校教場の図

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