KYORITSU WOMEN’S University and Junior College

University & Junior CollegeKYORITSU WOMEN’SSince 1886, the founding principle of Kyoritsu Women’s Educational Institution, “to improve women’s position in society by promoting self-reliance,” has ourished. For more than 130 years, we continue to evolve by building upon our founding principle and empowering women with quality education. As one of Japan's leading women's educational institutes, we prepare students with high aspirations to be the future leaders of their own life, thereby promoting change for the future. 2Creativity and CareerIndependently shape one’s career and broaden one’s horizons through consideration of matters from various perspectives, facilitating decisions based on one’s own originality3Collaboration and LeadershipProactively cooperate and collaborate while harmonizing one's personal values with the diversity of others' valuesUniversity FacultiesGraduate School ProgramsJunior College DepartmentsMissionVisionDepartment of the Science of LivingDepartment of Language and LiteratureGraduate School of Home EconomicsGraduate School of Arts and LettersGraduate School of International StudiesGraduate School of NursingFaculty of Home EconomicsFaculty of Arts and LettersFaculty of International StudiesFaculty of NursingFaculty of Business StudiesFaculty of Architecture and and DedicationBe condent and conscientious to achieve one's dream throughout life with passion

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